If you want to step up the relation factor of your bath, try adding a bath pillow. For many of us a nice bath at the end of the day helps us unwind and relieves us from our stress filled day. When you add a pillow to your bath you have an extra layer of comfort which can help you relax even more.

Different Types Available

There are many different manufacturers of bath pillows and each of them has designed their pillows with different types available. For example, many of the pillows are designed to give you different options to meet your specific needs for that day so you can customize your bath.

Many of them allow you the option to fill your pillows. Some give you the option to fill it with warm water. By having the option to fill it with warm water you can now use the pillow to help relax and soothe sore muscles. With nice warm water you can gently relax your muscles even further.

On the other end of the spectrum if you need a cool and refreshing bath you can fill your pillow with nice cool water. This will help you revive after a long day and give you an instance boost of energy to help you finish out your day strong. So you should look at what options are available with the pillow you are choosing.

Air bath pillows

Then there are the pillows that give you the option of just adding air to them. This gives you the ability to make a nice soft area to lay your head as you steep in your bath. You can inflate the pillow to your preference of firmness so you can customize the feel of your pillow. Many people use a firm pillow and set it right between their shoulder blades to help give their back added support during their bath.

Some pillows come already filled with a foam insert. A common foam filled pillow will have approximately two inches of foam. They come with water proof covers and are also treated so that the resist odors and mildew. These pillows are usually contoured to fit the head and neck area so that you are given extra support during your bath.

Choosing a Bath Pillow

You know what you are looking for when it comes to relaxing during your bath. Choosing the pillow that will help you achieve your relaxation goal is just a matter of preference but there are some features that you should also consider when you a looking for a pillow for your bath.

One thing to think about when you are purchasing your pillow is how easy it is to fill the pillow. Look to see whether the filling opening is easy to close once the pillow is full. This is important because when the opening is difficult to close you end up losing either your water or air that you were trying to use. Another important option is suction cups that will allow you to keep your bath pillow in place.

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