Well, Bath Bombs have become very popular today. They have brought the luxury spa experience at your home and that too at economical prices. Bath Tubs have emerged as a good option for those who are want to have a luxury bathing experience without moving out of their houses. The great thing about bath bombs is that they are easy to use, come in different flavours and the most striking feature is that these are available in a complex vegan form i.e. these are 100% organic.

The biggest worry that surrounds using bath bombs is that they are made from different chemicals and colours which make them appear more attractive, can prove to be harmful for the skin. But, with the presence of organic and natural bath bombs, we now have a solution for those who are sceptical about using chemical based products.

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Composition of Bath Bombs

The basic ingredients to prepare bath bombs include:

Citric Acid

● Baking Soda

● Corn Starch

● Essential oil for fragrance

● Colouring agent ( you can use natural colours or make use of food colours that are safe to use)

● Mix the ingredients well and leave the solution for 4–5 hrs and you have homemade Bath Bombs ready to use.

Although the prime object of using bath bombs is to have a relaxing bathing experience, but they have now emerged as a popular gifting material, whether it’s the Valentine’s Day or you are planning to gift it to someone one on a wedding or even when you are planning to propose your girlfriend, bath bombs can be used on all occasions. Nowadays companies have prepared an exclusive range of bath bombs designed for special occasions. These products have different gifts like rings and other decorative items hidden in them; using such innovation can not only make your day memorable but at the same time, unique.

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Different types of Bath Bombs available:

The biggest apprehension people have is regarding the usage of bath bombs; but these are absolutely safe and can be used by everyone. The Kithbee Bath Bombs are natural and 100% safe for your skin. Furthermore, bath bombs are more than just bathing supplement; they have their own medicinal importance. Bath Bombs can be used for aromatherapy and this therapy makes use of different smell to treat stress and relax your body and brain muscle leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Aromatherapy makes use of herbs and essential oil; you can buy bath bombs containing specific herb or essential oil and use it. This will help you enjoy the therapy and relax.

With time the use of bath bombs is set to increase, with the availability of so many flavours and at such cheap rates they are set to revolutionize the industry.

Where To Buy Them

There are a whole host of places where you can buy bath bombs. Department stores that sell self care products like soap and shampoo will often sell bath bombs. You can also buy wholesale bath bombs online if you want to save some money, but still purchase quality products. You can buy them in bulk so you can keep some and share some with your friends. This is a great option for those that like to use them often or just want to purchase a lot of them to give as gifts. You can also make your own bath bombs if you are feeling particularly crafty or just want to have total control over the ingredients used in them.

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