Relax. Take a bath. Tonight.


Baths can get boring after a while

Are you looking for a way to spice up your bathtime a little without having to spend a lot of money?

Relax. Take a Bath. Tonight.

Premium quality bath bombs for your pleasure.

Our bath bombs are mixed, pressed, rolled, moulded, rolled and shaped by hand with all natural ingredients.


Bath Fizzies are slow dissolving release luxury bath, so you can enjoy them whole length of your bath.


Choose one of our best scents like Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Peony, Rose or Strawberry.


We use only skin-loving ingredients, such as cocoa butter and shea butter. They leave skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.


Each bath bomb comes individually wrapped in black packaging box with a pink satin ribbon. This makes it perfect gift for everyone you loved.

Pamper yourself right now.

Yes, hot bath! It’s the easiest way to pamper yourself at home without a lot of fancy stuff. Bath help you relax and wind down after a busy day, but there’s even more benefits you might not even guess!

Magic of Bath Bomb Scents.


Enjoy the soothing and calming effects of VANILLA.This tradional favorite will help put you in a state of relaxation for a perfect night’s rest. Sweet dreams!


Sweet scent with pieces of chocolate and essential oils is sure to clear up your sinuses and congestion to give you the focus and clarity you need.


Restore and heal your skin with blend of Peony with essential oils. Dried flowers make your bath seriously luxurious.
We chose six best scents and packed them into black box with satin ribbon 
which makes it luxury gift for everyone.


For all coffee lovers. Soak in warm relaxing bath while these essential oils help you feel better and relieve your stress.


Imagine a tub of delicious strawberry candy. Relax and indulge with this skin softening bath fizzy. It’s the perfect and fun way to end a stressful day..


An exotic  and floral blend of  Rose will give you a feeling of intense pleasure and excitement. Enjoy a light and uplifting scent locked inside this fizzy bath bombs.

How they work?

Fill bath tub with desired water temperature.

Unwrap bath bomb and drop into the tub.
Enjoy exploding, slow dissolving effervescence and aroma.

Bath bombs don’t take any preparation. You simply run a bathtub full of water and put a bath bomb in it. The bomb will fizz and and often emit a fragrance as well as a colorant. You can add one bath bomb or several of them to your bath.

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Explore the world of bath with Kithbee.

Amazing product, I love it! I was a little skeptical when I read the description starting they were only golf ball sized. However, after using one I absolutely love them!! They last forever, leave your skin silky smooth AND the sent stays on you for a long time! I am coming back for more when I'm all out!

Shyann F.

These have a great smell to them, maybe a little more floral than I'm use too but not overwhelming. I loved the variety pack, it was great to be able to try the different fragrances instead of having to commit to just 1. They were a little smaller than I expected but they do the trick. I would order again, not only for myself but also for gifts

Laurie B.

They all smell super amazing! They were alot smaller then i expected, but it made my skin so smoothe and the smell lasted all day! Would def buy again!

Courtney W.

These are cute little bath bombs that smell so great. I love taking a little me time and just relaxing with one of these. Each one has its own scent but not overpowering, they've managed to get just enough without making it seem like you've fallen into a rose garden or a forest lol. Nice silky feel to your skin. Very attractive packaging makes it a beautiful gift someone would enjoy receiving. So pamper yourself or someone you love!

Virginia S.

Bath bombs are simply amazing very relaxing , smell delightful and I look forward to trying more of their products very soon

Fredericka P.

Smells amazing! Will be a wonderful Christmas gift!!!

Amazon Customer

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